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Hilo.Online has two distinct offerings in this cloud-based platform with
personal and social identity profiles.


Hilo.Online provides a platform that allows you to capture every aspect of your wellbeing. You can record your daily activities, and integrate your fitness apps and gadgets. Hilo.Online also provides a complete set of categories under your wellness records so that you can store as many details of your medical history. This feature allows for notes and images to be incorporated as well. You will now have all your health records in one place and at your fingertips to email to anyone you wish to and for your easy reference.


Hilo.Online also serves as a keyword-based social media platform for anyone looking to have some insight on a certain wellness situation and for those who wish to share any information or experience with other interested Hilo users. All Hilo users will be able to create a ‘Hilo Community ID’ to maintain their privacy.

Join an active community of users around the world with interest
in this domain of wellbeing.

Today Today

Capture all your daily notes on your activities and vital health measures, either by manually entering some of the required information or by activating your wrist watch fitness devices and apps to the Hilo.Online mobile app to automatically record your vital measures into your wellness record and have the choice to share this with anyone.

My Wellness Record My Wellness Record

Record all your basic and advance medical records in one place. Record details of healthcare visits or test results into your wellness record or authorise others to update your record with your permission.


Share It Share It

You can ask questions and share your experience and knowledge with those in need of answers in the community. You can simply comment on community views, write a post on the topic or even share articles that you feel can potentially help others.

My Hilo Community My Hilo Community

Keep track of all questions and articles you have posted to the Hilo.Online community. Join specialized subject groups or create your own groups and invite people from the community.


Notifications Notifications

Select keywords or subjects that interest you from community discussions. You will be alerted whenever someone on Hilo.Online answers a question that you previously asked or when there are questions related to your selected keywords.

Messages Messages

Establish one-on-one connection with other Hilo users.

Daily News Daily News

Get daily health news from various news feeds


What’s Nearby What’s Nearby

Search nearby facilities that cater to your various health and wellness needs.

Reminders Reminders

Setup reminders for future appointments.


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