Why do I need to create 2 identities on hilo.online?

You need 2 identities in hilo.online.

Your regular id is created with email address during registration along with your real name (i.e Last Name/First Name, Smith, John) will be used for all the personal sections of hilo.online mainly to record you at hilo.online and with your 'My Wellness Report'.

The Hilo Community ID (i.e Superman) is for you to stay anonymous in the community where you share your view, experience, ideas and comments without exposing who you are.

What is Hilo Community?

Hilo Community is developed to allow users to share their views, experience, ask questions about a particular problem, issues, cases, news, facts, products and get others in world who have experience or knowledge on such matters to share their inputs.

You can contribute to the community by using 'SHARE IT', either ask, answer questions, comment or post articles.

Why are my posted questions or articles not listed?

If you had posted a question or article on 'SHARE IT' and it's not listed on hilo.online, it would most likely be due to inappropriate content and in breach of the Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy.

You can refer to http://www.hilo.online for the terms.

How to setup a private communication link 1 on 1 'Messages' with another user in the Hilo Community?

Go to -> Messages -> Continue chat with existing users in chat list or start a new chat...
Click 'Add - +' button (Upper right corner)
Search and select the user you want to chat with
Use keyboard to stat chatting

How to permit other users to view/edit your 'My Wellness Record' on your behalf?

Go to -> Settings -> 'Permit other users to edit wellness record'
Select 'yes - '
Press 'Add - ' Button' (Bottom of screen)
Search and select the user you wish to permit

The permission status will be 'Pending', unless other user accepts your invitation to edit your wellness record. After he/she accepts the requests, the other user can edit/update 'My Wellness Record' on your behalf.

What is Keyword Notification?

hilo.online uses keywords to organize its content and for its user notification process. You will be notified every time another user likes, responds or comments to your question or articles. You can go to 'Notifications & Reminders' from the main menu to see the summary and access the content.

How to setup 'Keyword Notification Setting'?

Go to -> Settings -> Keyword Notification Settings
Press '+ Add Keywords'
'Add Keyword' Box -> Search and select words from list
(Each user can save maximum of 12 keywords in your settings).

Note! You will be notified on all questions posted by other users with the same keyword in your setup.

Why you or the receiving party are NOT receiving your 'My Wellness Report'?

There is a possibility that the email could have gone to the spam/junk folder in the mailbox. Please ask the receiver to check the spam/junk folders.

How to email only the relevant sections from 'My Wellness Report'?

Go to -> My Wellness Report -> Select the features you want to mail
Press 'Mail' button (Top right corner)
Enter the email address of the recipient
Send your mail

Can 'My Wellness Report' be available in other formats besides PDF?

We just started and we are gathering feedback. We only support PDF's in this version. We are exploring other options in future releases.

How to setup Apple Watch and Fitbit device to record your vital activity to your 'My Wellness Report'?

Apple Watch

Go to -> Settings -> Device Setup -> Select 'Apple Watch' -> Click 'Sync - ' button
Login to Apple Watch interface using your credentials
click on 'Today' in main menu to view real-time data


Go to -> Settings -> Device Setup -> Select 'Fit Bit' -> Click 'Sync' button
Login to Fitbit interface using your credentials
click on 'Today' in main menu to view real-time data

Google Fit

Go to -> Settings -> Device Setup Select 'Google Fit' -> Click 'Sync' button
Login to Fitbit interface using your credentials
click on 'Today' in main menu to view real-time data

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